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Stoke-on-Trent and Staffordshire

County Lines & Criminal Exploitation

Please see attachments which have been shared with Education settings on behalf of  Ellie Chesterton, SASCAL PSHE Co-ordinator and Mark Hardern, Staffordshire Police.

County Lines Postcard

County Lines – letter from Staffs Police / Councillor Abi Brown

Keeping Children Safe in Education (KCSIE)

Please see attachments for updates to current policies in place relating to KCSIE.

Safeguarding Update 2023

Internet Safety

Please see the attachments for advice and recommended actions for Internet Safety.

How to Setup Parental Controls on Mobile Apps (Android)

What Parents need to know about Pokemon Go

Please watch this YouTube video about keeping your children safe online.


Safeguarding children is everyone’s responsibility.  Everyone who comes into contact with children and families has a role to play.

Our school is a community and all those directly connected with it (staff members, volunteers, governors, parents, families and pupils) have an essential role to play in making it safe and secure.

The local Governing body will ensure that Heron Cross Primary School has arrangements in place to safeguard and promote the welfare of pupils, and will work together with other agencies to identify, assess and support those children who are suffering, or are likely to suffer harm.

All staff receive regular statutory training on Child Protection and Prevent.


Heron Cross Primary School has been asked to share the following information, as we will be taking part in a project that will run jointly between schools and Staffordshire Police.

The project is called Operation Encompass.  It reports to schools, prior to the start of the next school day, when a child or young person has experienced any domestic abuse.

Operation Encompass will ensure that a member of the school staff (Designated Safeguarding Lead) known as a Key Adult, is trained to allow them to liaise with the police and to use the information that has been shared, in confidence, while ensuring that the school is able to make provision for possible difficulties experienced by children, or their families, who have experienced a domestic abuse incident.

We are keen to offer the best support possible for all those involved.

Further information can be found here:

Safeguarding Procedure:

  • A concern is raised

  • Cause for Concern file is completed and passed onto the Designated Safeguard Lead (DSGL)

  • The DSGL determines if the child needs monitoring, to speak to parents/carers, or refer to Social Care

     * Monitoring of the child to be carried out by a member of staff

     * Depending on the concern, parents/carers will be contacted to discuss the concern

     * More serious concerns are referred to Social Care

Heron Cross Safeguarding Policy