These pages will help keep you up to date with any E-Safety matters across the country


All staff, pupils and parents have signed acceptable use policies, which ensures that everyone knows and understands the rules for using the internet safely and has agreed to abide by the rules.


At Heron Cross, we use a Forensic Monitoring programme to monitor the pupils’ computer usage. This helps to keep children safe and also ensures that, if any events arise, they can be resolved swiftly.


Inappropriate websites are blocked for children’s safety.

All children click to accept an acceptable use policy when they log on to any machine in school.

E-safety is taught in every class, and there is an e-safety aspect to every ICT and Computing lesson.


E-safety questionnaires are completed twice yearly with children in all year groups, to enable us to gain information on our pupils’ internet behaviours. This ensures that we are up-to- date with what our children are doing on the internet and how we can support them to be safe.

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